Film & Video

Films bring the world around us - people, ideas, events, phenomena - into our fields of vision: exhibit halls, conference spaces, living rooms, classrooms. We produce all kinds of films: from interviews and documentaries, to animations and live action stories; for little screens and big screens, for distribution on CD, DVD or the web.

We produced this film for our friends at U&We (, about one of the projects in their ZeroMission climate compensation program. Zero Mission helps organizations (like Max Hamburgers, Arla Dairies, Arvid Nordquist, and others) to calculate and find ways to reduce their carbon footprints, and to offset what remains by, for example, planting trees for carbon storage in selected countries in Africa, Asia and South America. The benefits go well beyond carbon offsets, and include local food security, education, community development, poverty reduction, and ecosystem services, to name just a few.

We produced a mobile app for the Royal Armoury in Stockholm: LivRustApp - available for iPhone, Android and WindowsPhone at their respective stores. To market a temporary exhibit on the life of Gustav Mauritz Armfelt (18th century hero, traitor, general, theater director, architect, casanova, and more) we also produced this trailer to attract audiences to the app and to the exhibit. The text is in Swedish, but even if your Swedish is minimal, you'll still get the idea.


Beyond the Line is a video website we produce – with content advice from U&We – about business and sustainability. Sponsored by Serious Nature and the af Jochnick Foundation, it offers dozens of films and interviews with corporate leaders, scientists, sustainability advisors, and others with insights into the current environmental crises and their impacts on businesses. You can view all of the contents at The main film, below, is a 55 minute production intended for use in workshops and seminars. Here is a 5 minute trailer, which will give you an idea of what it’s all about.

Here is the main workshop film. It’s also available in 5 parts on

A corporate film for Envac, highlighting their process for design and implementation of their underground waste removal systems. The film was built almost entirely on existing still-photography from Envac offices around the world.

Large Format Multimedia Experiences

Those who say that size doesn't matter haven't seen what we can do with a few computers, high resolution projectors, a surround sound system and a lot of creativity. We can totally "wow" an audience with an emotional impact that's impossible to describe on paper or the web, and we can do it for a fraction of the price of the standard big screen film formats.

This is a small copy of a large-format, hi-res, three-projector, surround sound experience we produced for the Museum of Natural History in Stockholm, as part of their mission:CLIMATE exhibit on climate change. The program is projected on a 2.5 meter x 8 meter screen in a specially built theater in the middle of the exhibit area. Wind and storm effects are part of the experience - you'll have to imagine them here.