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Communication Support

Hands-on courses in communication
and presentation technique.
Team building. Conflict resolution. Coaching.
Brand development. Process management.

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“Practical excercises and tips combined with lots of laughter. Great both for team-building and individual development.”
Roger Mörtvik, Political chief, TCO (The Swedish Confederation for Professional Employees)

“The evaluations showed that ALL participants wanted to recommend the courses. They felt that they developed their skills and self-assurance, and had fun at the same time. What a positive response!”
Lars-Eric Larsson, Education Director, Skansen Zoo

”A course you carry with you your whole life!”
Anna-Greta Sohl, Advisor, Folksam Insurance

Our courses are hands-on, action-oriented, practical, and participatory. There are no lectures - participants are physically and mentally engaged from the very start. Using theater as a source of inspiration, we use role-play, rhetoric, story-telling, body language, poetry, games, and improvisations. Participants work on short presentations, which we then videotape and use for analysis and further development support. Particular emphasis is placed on direction and personal guidance. Fun and humor are important watchwords: we learn better when we're enjoying ourselves.

Courses are designed as a 3-stage rocket:
1. One-on-one interviews with each participant
2. Group work with video training
3. Individual follow-ups

The aim of the courses is to
enhance skills and self-confidence in verbal and nonverbal communication. We provide participants with tools that will help to inspire and persuade, in both one-on-one and group situations.

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